The Big Picture - Premiering July 15th!!

The Big Picture - Lyrics by Kay Nahm

Come celebrate with Opera California Youth Choir as we hold our 33rd Annual Concert and Musical Celebration: The Big Picture

The Big Picture - Lyrics by Kay Nahm


In a town that is quaint and full of tradition we find families who have worked as bakers, mechanics, and the town’s sheriff for generations and generations. We join these towns-people on the day that all the youth set out to Camp Twelve Trees to learn their skills and carry on the jobs that their parents pass down to them. As they start out on their adventure we find Daniel, the son of the town’s Baker, struggling to break out of his mold and find understanding amongst his community. As the story progresses around the Camp Twelve Trees grounds, we follow Daniel and his buddy Justin into the forests winding paths getting lost and propelling others to go and find them. Just as Daniel and Justin feel as though all hope is lost, they come to point of realization that in accepting one another, they can also accept themselves.There is a moment of clarity when Daniel and friends find a new philosophy about their dreams and their new goal is to tell their parents. As the friends and parents reunite, we find ourselves at a crossroads of tradition versus change. Can the townspeople truly come to a place where they can accept this new generations plea for change? Or will they end up continuing on in their towns tradition? Come and find out as our OCYC team presents to you, "The Big Picture!”

Two Performances:

July 15th, 2017 at Everyday Church

July 21st, 2017 at Junimseun Church


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