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The Sign! Featured

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Come celebrate with Opera California Youth Choir as we hold our 31th Annual Concert and Musical Celebration: The Sign
Everyone is looking for a sign, some kind of symbol to guide them through life. In this play, THE SIGN, we follow a group of orphaned children and their caretaker, Pastor Sam, played by Samuel Shin. This tight knit group's story begins when Iris, one of the orphans has a dream, a sign foreshadowing their greatest fear, losing their one and only home. This fear takes form when an evil Rich Person, played by Jonathan Baek,  suddenly appears to tell them they have one week to leave. Is their testament to loving God and each other strong enough to get them through this tough time? With supernatural help from an unexpected guest, things may turn out for the better. True friendship is championed through trials and tribulations and with signs and wonders all around us would you believe that the children and their beloved Pastor could have faith enough to overcome this obstacle by  the bonds of God's love?
Join us for a live performance on this adventure filled journey on July 11, 2015 on  the Alexander Theatre in Burbank, California.
Opera California continues their mission of bringing communities together as well!  On July 25th, Opera California Youth Choir will hold a special concert celebrating the diverse communities of Southern California at the Christ Kingdom Church in the City of Anaheim.  


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